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Taylor, Jacqui

A baobab is big & other verses from Africa

Cape Town : Struik, 2004
Abstract/Sommario: Once again author and illustrator Jacqui Taylor has drawn inspiration from the animals, plants and images of Africa for this delightful book of verse. Children will love the bright colours, textures and detail in her illustrations, which are factual rather than fantastical and therefore educational, yet in a fun style. The verses themselves are rhythmical and make use of indigenous words in the context of the imagery. Also included is a section of fascinating facts that teach a ...; [leggi tutto]
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Descrizione A baobab is big & other verses from Africa / written and illustrated by Jacqui Taylor. - Cape Town : Struik, 2004. - 79 p. : ill. ; 21x21 cm
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Taylor, Jacqui
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